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After 15 years of experience in providing our services of carpet cleaning and care, we have learned a great deal on how to extend the life of your carpets. This is where our story began.

Our Story

Julio Cervantes, CEO of JC Carpet & Tile Cleaning, knows it’s important for a CEO to show up at their business every day. Therefore, Cervantes himself handles many of the jobs that come through his office or he rides with his employees to ensure customer satisfaction. Even more than managing employees, Cervantes loves the art of carpet cleaning.
Cervantes went to college right after graduating high school in Orange County, California. After two years of studying business, he decided to pursue the profession he really loved: carpet cleaning.

The year was 2000, Cervantes was 20 years old and his close friend had a carpet cleaning business. He showed Cervantes the ropes: how to steam clean carpets and upholstery, how to invest in equipment and how to get customers. Cervantes opened his business the same year. Now he runs one of the most successful commercial and residential carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning companies in Southern California.

It wasn’t the money, however, that made Cervantes feel successful. It was the way he impressed customers. He made deals with people who couldn’t afford his services. He made hundreds of people happy by doing quality work. After a while, he earned the reputation of “satisfaction guaranteed.”

In 2005, Cervantes met a prominent pastor of a church in Orange County. The church’s carpet had stains. The pastor paid a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpet and remove the stains. But the stains came back in three days! The pastor called Cervantes. He felt sorry for the pastor and just wanted to help. The pastor was afraid, however, of losing more money on carpet cleaning. Cervantes said, let me do the job for you, right now, for free. If the stains come back, you don’t owe me anything.

Cervantes did the job and the church’s carpet was restored beyond its original beauty. The pastor was elated! After three days, the pastor happily paid Cervantes. Next the pastor wrote a glowing letter of recommendation about Cervantes and his services.
“I love my job,” Cervantes says. “That pastor was just taken aback from how good of a job I did. When he sent me that letter, I knew I was doing good work. That was more than 10 years ago. And I still have that letter to this day.”

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